CurvyShion – Plus Size Fashion for Women 100% Made in Portugal

CurvyShion was created by Vânia Rodrigues, a fashion designer with over 15 years of experience in creating unique and trendy fashionable clothing for women. The aim of the brand is to create quality clothing for women who wear plus size and who often struggle in finding trendy clothes. At the same time, it is the aim to avoid clothing products that are made using unacceptable and unethical labor and environmental conditions.
This is why CurvyShion designs are 100% made and produced in Europe. Our office, our design studio and our sewing shop are all located in Portugal.

The CurvyShion Team

Vânia Rodrigues

Vânia is the fashion designer and one of the co-owners of CurvyShion. She creates the designs of all CurvyShion garments, creates the patterns, decide what fabrics and haberdashery we use and manages the cutting of the fabrics and the sewing shop. – Long story short: Vânia is involved in the whole production process from the design up until the finished product.

Vânia used to work with fashion since she left school, or even a little bit earlier. Her mother was a dressmaker and so she knows the sound of the sewing machine since her first days in her live. As a girl her mother taught her how to make patterns and how to use a sewing machine and as soon as she left school, she started learning to be a dressmaker. Over the years she learned not only to make garments following a design but also to create designs, patterns and own creations.

Vânia learned that plus size fashion made as such is not easy to find and so she decided to create her own brand dedicated to plus size fashion. At the same time the aim was to create an alternative to fast fashion products that have poor quality and are made under poor ethical and environmental conditions. This is why she decided to found CurvyShion.

Vânia Rodrigues
Axel Torster

Axel Torster

Axel is graduated in law but for over 25 years he is working in business consulting especially in the area of export and management consulting. He is the other co-owner of CurvyShion and responsible for the general management, sales and finances of CurvyShion. He does everything but creating the garments.

After university Axel used to work a few years as a lawyer before he decided to become an entrepreneur. He worked in several business areas, as different as: fasteners, tools, industrial equipment, software, petfood and household products. But CurvyShion is his first endeavor in the fashion industry. After knowing Vânia and talking with her about her goals in creating a fashion brand for plus size clothing for women, he made from the idea a structured business and is responsible for all management decisions of CurvyShion.