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Plus Size Fashion for Women 100% Made in Portugal

CurvyShion was created by Vânia Rodrigues, a fashion designer with over 15 years of experience in creating unique and trendy fashionable clothing for women. The aim of the brand is to create quality clothing for women who wear plus size and who often struggle in finding trendy clothes. At the same time, it is the aim to avoid clothing products that are made using unacceptable and unethical labor and environmental conditions.
This is why CurvyShion designs are 100% made and produced in Europe. Our office, our design studio and our sewing shop are all located in Portugal.

Vânia Rodrigues


Where are the CurvyShion garments available?

For consumers we have a store on Etsy. Please visit: http://curvyshion.etsy.com/ 
For retailers that have a fashion store we have a store on Faire (https://curvyshion.faire.com) and on Ankorstore (https://www.ankorstore.com/lift/curvyshion-10775).

I have a Fashion Store and I am interested in selling some CurvyShion products. How can I purchase as a retailer?

You can contact us directly by e-mail or just visit our stores on Faire or Ankorstore, these are dedicated for business owner who want to resell.

Is CurvyShion only available online?

No, there are several fashion stores that are already selling our products. Currently we are serving stores in: Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands, United Kingdom and USA. Soon we will create a dedicated page where you can find the retailer locations.

Does CurvyShion makes all products inhouse?

We aim to product all items inhouse. But we do work with external dress makers that covers our needs always we have to deliver large orders. Anyway, we know each dress maker personally and all are located in Portugal and are working with all legal rights and conditions.

Does CurvyShion also makes customized items?

You can always ask, and we will see if it is possible for us to adapt an item. If you have a fashion store and have a certain design in mind you cannot find we certainly can make it for you too, we are doing this for several B2B customers.

CurvyShion has a shop for end consumers and for fashion retailers

Please choose your corresponding shop platform

ETSY is our online shop platform where we sell to endconsumers.

FAIRE is a wholesale platform where we sell to fashion retailers.

ANKORSTORE is a wholesale platform where we sell to fashion retailers.

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