Where to buy CurvyShion garments?

All CurvyShion garments are available in our Etsy Store or, for fashion shop owners, at Faire and Ankorstore.

On this page we show the retailers who stock, at least part, of our collections and where you can purchase CurvyShion products locally.

Retailers in AUSTRIA


Retailers in BELGIUM

En Mode Boutique Wanze

Jack Line Chaussures

Retailers in CANADA

Belladonna Boutique


Valley Girls Plus

Retailers in FRANCE

Galerie Papillon Boheme

Urban Shoes

Best Of Leucate

Lingerie Tallou

Co & Co

Boutique Le Boudoir

Entr'elles Concept Store


Pâte à Citrouille

Carlotta Chaussures

Retailers in GERMANY

Boutique Hirschlein

Wanka Tonka / Bamberg

Wanka Tonka / Schweinfurt


Lilac - Duft & Schönes

Retailers in ITALY

Elly Curvy

Retailers in The Netherlands

Fashion by Ju

Retailers in SPAIN

Atipika Sotogrande

Vila Outlet


Retailers in UK

Willow & Nutmeg Ltd.

H&D Handbags and Gladrags

Retailers in USA

She's Size Sexy


ChoZen 4 U Boutique

Whimz Boutique


Forever & Always

Papaya Branch

CurvyShion has an online shop for end consumers and for fashion retailers

Please choose your corresponding shop platform

ETSY is our online shop platform where we sell to endconsumers.

FAIRE is a wholesale platform where we sell to fashion retailers.

ANKORSTORE is a wholesale platform where we sell to fashion retailers.